Lyndsey Massie - Jul 1, 2021

Why partner for People Analytics?

It is clear that the boom in demand for People Analytics is not subsiding any time soon. The recent LinkedIn Global Talent Trends report found that 73% of companies say people analytics will be a major priority over the next five years, but 55% say they still need help with the basics.

If you are a HR Tech provider, are you currently supporting these companies with this requirement?

Partnering with a dedicated People Analytics provider is your quickest route to market if you want to cater for this demand, rather than the time-consuming and costly process of developing your own solution in-house. So, why partner with Activ8 Intelligence?

Hit the ground running

We are the People Analytics Partner, with over 15 years’ experience and development behind our award-winning product, illumin8HR. By partnering with us, you immediately benefit from this experience and are able to hit the ground running with a proven product already used by over half a million employees globally.

illumin8HR analyses disparate HR data and presents HR professionals and people managers with timely, relevant insights that require action. Supported with root causes and providing pathways to resolution, illumin8HR helps inform shared action plans which can be created, tracked and measured in the solution to drive improvements.

Continuous product updates

You have the choice of partnering with us on a development basis, giving you joint product ownership and a part in determining the roadmap of illumin8HR, or partnering with us as a reseller where you will still benefit from continuous product updates and innovation.

As a partner, you can easily tailor the modules and metrics you offer to customers based on the data you have available in your core HR and payroll systems, whilst your end customers can prioritise what they look at according to their business goals.

Comprehensive support

By partnering with us, you benefit from comprehensive support at all stages of the process, including go to market support for your commercial team to help them understand and champion People Analytics.

illumin8HR can be embedded into your own offering and is a white label product, meaning you have the option to easily apply your own branding, bringing excellence in analytics to your HR or payroll platform.

Activ8 work hand in hand with our product, operations and commercial teams, supporting SD Worx UK wherever they can with assisting our customers using insights and strengthening their understanding of the positive impact it can have. Thanks to illumin8HR, HR managers can play a more strategic role and help their business thrive. It’s a real value added partnership and the Activ8 team are totally committed to helping us achieve our goals.
- Stephen Ousley, Head of Portfolio (SD Worx UK)

To get a free demo of illumin8HR and find out more about why HR Tech providers like SD Worx UK partner with us, get in touch.

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Written by Lyndsey Massie