Lyndsey Massie - Sep 10, 2020

Welcome to the new Activ8 Intelligence

What if you had a people analytics solution that goes further than simply presenting charts and data?

We’re excited to share that as of 10th September 2020 we have rebranded to better reflect the growth of our people analytics product, illumin8HR.

Fresh new look


We are still Activ8 Intelligence, but you will notice we have a fresh new logo and colour scheme which we have designed to work hand in hand with our new product brand.

For the past 15 years we have been at the forefront of people analytics, combining the knowledge and expertise of HR professionals from across the globe to build a product which truly makes life easier for busy people managers.

Impact through insights

illumin8HR goes further than other solutions on the market by giving users a deeper understanding of why the issues it highlights are occurring. It identifies root causes and provides pathways to resolution, informing shared action plans which are tracked and measured to drive improvements.


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We needed a brand which would resonate with the modern HR Tech community and give our solution a stronger identity in its own right. The idea is that our illumin8HR product both ‘shines a light’ on important insights and ‘lights the way forward’ to resolution for HR practitioners and people managers, enabling them to positively impact their organisation. Our new strapline ‘impact through insights’ reinforces this message.

Passion and innovation

For our partners, our appearance will change but nothing else will. We are still committed to combining our passion and innovation with that of our partners to help people analytics go further.

If you would like to learn more about illumin8HR or would simply like to let us know your thoughts on our new look, get in touch.

Written by Lyndsey Massie