Lyndsey Massie - Feb 8, 2021

Top 5 Reasons to Offer People Analytics

People Analytics can help solve the most important changes facing today’s HR departments and is the perfect driver and differentiator for growth in a crowded, competitive and commoditised market.

A recent study by Insight222 found that People Analytics continues to grow and investment in analytics is increasing; over 80% of the companies surveyed said they’re currently using or planning to use People Analytics technology in the near future.

If you are an HR Tech provider, here are our top 5 reasons you should consider offering a People Analytics solution to your end users:

1. People Analytics solves a critical customer issue

For people managers and HR professionals, bringing workforce data together, understanding it and knowing where to take action in order to manage and engage their people is a real issue. People Analytics can solve this challenge and give you a compelling competitive advantage.

2. Attract and retain customers

The addition of a People Analytics solution to your product portfolio will widen your appeal as a value creating partner for each customer and demonstrate you as a vendor to grow with – a key criteria for prospects in core HR and payroll system selection.

3. Brings value to customers of all sizes

People Analytics can deliver value to all client sizes, from the smallest to the largest, bringing best practice metrics, dashboards and reporting to SMEs, whilst delivering sophisticated analytics to enterprise clients.

4. Significant upsell opportunities

As well as attracting new clients, People Analytics can bring upsell opportunities for other related HR and Payroll products in your portfolio, which will be critical in a post-covid world where customers’ budgets may be constrained for full system replacements.

5. Complementary or replacement product for BI tools

People Analytics tools can be used to complement traditional BI tools, or as a replacement to become the main BI and analytics tool for customers.

With the pandemic thrusting the HR function into the spotlight, People Analytics has truly become a “must have” tool and a key driver of strategic value. Make sure you’re not left behind. To find out more about what People Analytics can deliver for your business and how, get in touch.

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Written by Lyndsey Massie