John Cusack - Sep 11, 2019

Shocking Reasons HR Insights May Be Missing From Your Clients’ System

Skimming through today’s HR analytic products produces the same-old, same-old: lookalike dashboards, me-too ‘analytics’ offerings, and insights you need an available data scientist or a well-versed individual to decipher. No one wants to sift through countless systems to determine what’s going on within their organization.

Enter Activ8 Intelligence. After spending 14+ years in the HR space, our company has helped pave the way for new insight delivery methods for some of the world’s largest companies and partnered to make HR Tech vendors a cut above the competition. Here’s why our product is essential, and a benefit to your client companies.

Hitting Big Data Hard

Big Data isn’t a new concept. Industry professionals have spent years explaining what a best-in-class product looks like and show the enterprise CHRO what they should do to make sense of the data. Many HR professionals are unable to find value in the data since they can’t connect their HR/payroll systems and Big Data/AI to the product.

The HR tech space spent a lot of time trying to get Big Data and AI right; they forgot about distributing their findings to the less tech-savvy Activ8 recognized this gap and created automated and accessible analytics for the busy non-technical users—not just HR, but the line managers who actually manage the people.

Why Are These Insights Unadoptable?

Often, speakers at conferences discuss the topic of big data and the role it plays in analytic insights. However, they generally skip how many resources it took to get insights. Most organizations don’t have those resources available or expertise dedicated to finding them. Most organizations are hanging out in the lower levels of automation and struggling with basic HR tech-related tasks. As a result, numerous businesses haven’t been able to adopt analytics in any real or meaningful way. Here are six areas where pain points exist for HR professionals:

  1. Combining data from multiple employee systems is difficult. HR platforms have no single source of truth to connect all the dots.
  2. Complete reporting tools which practically do it all for you. Even when a new BI tool comes to market promising to simplify the process, the learning curve and time to create ad-hoc reports to answer questions is too labor-intensive, leaving critical insights buried in a system even for tech-savvy individuals.
  3. Too many standard reports don’t provide actionable insight and cause information overload. So many platforms are obsessed with providing ALL the data; no one stopped to think if they should.
  4. Lack of meaningful business orientation. Even if HR pros clear all these hurdles, tying their insights to the bottom line of the business can be challenging to prove.
  5. Visualizations which assume your issues are neatly happening in the organizational structure units. The real world is not so neat and tidy.
  6. Adding value to line managers with insightful regular reporting.

As is the case with these and most new HR technology trends, there are leaders and laggards in the HR tech landscape. Some companies, desperate to remain competitive, bought or built technology in a hurry. Others simply refused to buy into what they saw as unfounded hype. Still more recognized the power of these trends but didn’t have the funds or room in their product roadmap, and ultimately watched sales drift away to those in the leader category.

From Zero to Hero

Activ8 has been working in the HR Analytics space for more than a decade. We’ve created a game-changing product allowing organizations to layer automatically found HR and Pay actionable insights into their HR tech stack.

Instead of managers searching through numerous system reports to pull the necessary insights, Activ8 connects all disparate systems to one dashboard and automatically delivers analytical insights in plain English. Unlike “me-too” dashboards, Activ8 offers a platform that allows HR pros to harness the power of business intelligence and workforce data.

While the premise is simple and long overdue, it’s groundbreaking.

Activ8 has the power to offer instant enterprise value, increase revenue and client retention, and make your client’s organization ready to take on the competition. By layering our product over an existing platform and offering end customers an array of pay-based and HR analytics, HR tech companies have a unique opportunity to “jump to the head of the line” and instantly go to market with an out-of-the-box solution.

Ready to learn more about how Activ8 can change the way your clients get insights and stay ahead of their competition? Set up a time to talk with Activ8’s commercial director, John Cusack! If you’re not quite there, no worries! Stay up-to-date with the latest HR product and market trends by signing up for Activ8 Alerts.

Written by John Cusack