John Cusack - Jun 14, 2019

Left Behind: Core HR and Payroll Systems Without Activ8 Intelligence

For many years, the HR community, yes even the tech community, have been using words like insights, analytics, and metrics...interchangeably. But they aren’t really interchangeable.

  • Metrics are a quantifiable measure used to track and assess the status of important business areas.
  • Insights give you an in-depth scope of what’s happening i.e. providing the analytics and interpretation of important factors in your company.
  • Analytics is about applying analytic processes to employee data in the hope of improving employee performance and therefore getting a better return on investment.

We’ve also been hearing for some time about Big data, which essentially is the study of analytics sets that are too large and complex for regular assessment. All this talk of measuring HR insight and aligning it to business objectives has some HR professionals worried they might have to learn how to be a data scientist to continue making smart decisions for their companies.

So, when ADP announced their Lifion product, many of us in the HR Tech vendor community sat up and took notice. After all, there are few products that are truly changing the HR Tech vendor game. The ability to automatically find analytical insights from disparate HR and employee-related Business data without a data scientist is...unprecedented.

In the past, HR professionals and executives have had to connect the dots using a series of incomplete insight from dashboards they are expected to drill into in the hope they find and recognize insights or follow their hunches or hypotheses. This isn’t accurate or timely. We’ve had the analytics for a while; we just weren’t sure what to do with it. HRTech vendors have been trying to create something to cross this chasm for some time.

Now it’s here.

But ADP Lifion isn’t the only product doing this. In fact, Activ8 has been doing this for many years. Like ADP Lifion, Activ8 is able to automatically find analytics that delivers text in plain English to provide more value for the busy non-technical managers for your clients.

What does insights-driven mean? Simply put, it means insight drives all your decisions. Again, we HAVE the analytics...somewhere, in some system. Your system collects and stores data. And your clients probably have on average 8-12 systems doing the same thing for other employee-related activities or the business proper. The trick is getting the insight collated to discover trends, patterns, anomalies, and issues (before they arise).

Access to insights that cover almost everything is crucial for HR leaders who want to improve the quality and efficiency of each of their decisions and strategy. With insights easily accessible and reports available in plain English, your clients will have decision support and the ability to make predictions, plan for the future, and figure out the root cause of workforce issues.

What else is impacted by building a data-driven HR culture? Well, just about everything related to work:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Compensation Frameworks
  • Succession Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Manager Effectiveness
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Career Pathing and Development
  • Equitable Workloads

Having this information impacts your clients to make better, more informed decisions based on the information your system and other connected platforms give them. Without having the right decisions to help improve your business, many of the levers being pulled to try and impact any of the things in the list above, on an enterprise level, are effectively based on hunches and gut feelings.

Many HR Professionals (the users of your platform) worry they have to become analytical scientists or statisticians to implement a data-driven culture in their organization. Activ8 dispells this notion by bolting onto their current tech stack and delivering insights in simple English through an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Why is this important? It allows HR Professionals to use your software the way you originally designed it, to get useful insights about their workforce into the hands of executives so they can make the right decisions and deliver value. Instead of your clients having go-to report people or hiring a team of data scientists, statisticians, and analysts to find patterns and anomalies, your system offers you the right insights, straight in the platform — resulting in an instant value-add to your client base.

Partnering with Activ8 adds this value to your platform in just under 60 days, giving you a better, more competitive product as we head into the RFP cycle. To learn more about how to implement Activ8 IP into your system, schedule a time to discuss how Activ8 can work for you.

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Written by John Cusack