John Cusack - Jun 4, 2019

The Core of HR is Changing Drastically. Here's How:

If you’re a player in the HR Technology industry, you’ve heard about the drastic effect ADP’s Lifion® is having on payroll and Core HR companies. For those who don’t know, here’s a little insight:

Lifion® provides managers and HR Professionals with automatically found insights from their systems. What differentiates this from most other players in the space is that it offers these insights in simple English that make them instantly actionable.

With this technology, your customers will get insights on granular issues so HR can laser focus on specific issues and more. It works across all possible employee groupings and analyzes all collated employee data for patterns, trends, and outliers.

  • What this means for HR Vendors: The vendor that provides the analytics to a customer will control the account. i.e. analytics provides the most added value, and in an increasingly commoditized market for HR systems, this means your retention rates will go higher.
  • Bottom Line: If your company provides payroll solutions, you might have trouble competing with this game-changing product. Payroll companies may need to up their R&D budgets to try and catch up with the Lifion® ripple.
  • What this means for HR Systems: Many HR Tech companies assume their dashboards are good enough to drive an analytics culture in HR and with line managers. With Lifion® in the market, your customer expectations will change with potentially drastic effects on your win ratio and customer retention.
  • Bottom Line: Core HR should add this functionality to their systems in order to provide more value to their clients. Data analytics can make HR heroes of people who are struggling under mountains of data they can’t make heads nor tails of. A CEB Analytics study found when organizations lead in HR analytics, their talent outcomes improved by 12% leading to a 4% improvement in gross profit margin — that’s roughly $12.8 million in savings for every $1 billion in revenue… those are numbers that will make clients sit up and take notice!
  • What this means for HRIS and HCM Companies: These companies will now be able to offer a solution that delivers the analytical insights, in English, to the line managers who can act on them.
  • Bottom Line: Unless you deliver on this new form of analytics your win rations will decline and your customers will leave for vendors who do deliver it.

Of course, not all HR Tech companies have the ability to develop a data analytics play which adds true value to their current offering, and creating something like this takes a lot of time. What if there were a solution to instantly put you ahead of ADP® with its shiny new Lifion® product?

Good news, that’s precisely what Activ8 does. It automatically finds insights from your Payroll, Core HR, and other employee systems in order to provide intelligent insights in plain English so your clients get the insights and value from your platform and you’re instantly ahead in your market. According to Deloitte, these insights are game changers when it comes to HR Tech. To learn more about our partner options, please book a consultation with me. I’ll give you a tour of our game-changing technology.


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Written by John Cusack