John Cusack - May 16, 2019

HR Analytics Software Glossary

As one of the first HR Analytics Softwares on the market to deliver insights in plain English, you can bet we’ve coined some of our own terms. By combining some of our own software terms with other HR analytic buzzwords, we’re here to break them down to help you understand how Activ8 can help your customers gain a competitive advantage for their company.


- Automatically finds important, relevant and useful insight that would escape the human eye. You are spared having to understand how it does its job, you just see the results … if they are relevant to you.


- Comparisons and analysis made easy with smart metrics. As all totals, averages etc. are pre-calculated for all periods, new reports can be created in 3 clicks.


- Producing the HR Monthly Reporting Pack is both time consuming and frustrating. So we’ve fully automated the process allowing you to spend time exploring the meaning. Simply attach commentary to the reports and distribute. The system can even help with the interpretation – check out Dweets.


- It allows you to ask their most pressing questions in plain English – no need for Excel or a complex report writer. Your clients can probe for insight, test a theory or answer ad-hoc requests in the same way they’d search for anything online. Without the gobbledegook, it’s Google for HR.


- Dweets translate the true meaning of data. Few HR professionals or managers have the time to understand the meaning of a chart or report. Short and easy to read, Dweets solve this problem by giving immediate insight in everyday English.


- Pre-calculated, always available.


- Easy reports – all totals, current and previous periods, always available. Simple and intuitive – quickly compile reports without the hassle of learning complex reporting tools.


- Insightful reports for all aspects of the employee life-cycle. Out-of-the-box reports on all the important areas of HR, Talent and employee-centric business analytics. You simply add the data. Set thresholds over which they must be notified. This saves having to search dashboards to discover the state of play for each important measurement.


- Create your own dynamic summary and cross tabulations, explore interrelationships. Clients simply drag and drop data to slice and dice. We do all the hard work in the background.


- After spotting the danger signs, the system suggests the most effective response: training, benefits, a bonus or even the exact salary increase that is most likely to retain their loyalty. It learns from your data.


- Early Warning System – Think of it as a virtual team of experts combing through your data searching for trends. The Trend Analyser projects these trends forwards and alerts you if and when the trend will go over the threshold they’ve set. Receive advance warning and have time to act. We call it Proactive HR.

Written by John Cusack